Presario V4000 Cmos Reset

By originaljedi
May 6, 2009
  1. Hi all, can anyone tell how to reset my CMOS to factory defaults? My laptop (Compaq Presario V4000) is dead, power led lights come on but no POST, I am getting the BSOD (black screen of death). I verified for a faulty RAM but they ok, in fact if I try to power without them gives me the beeps of not having RAM. Now i need to reset the CMOS but do not know how, found the RTC Battery and removed it for a while, but that did not work. Looking to see if there are any jumper to short out to reset the bios like on regular motherboards but do not see anything. Thank in advance.
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  3. originaljedi

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    I could not find how to reset my CMOS to get defaults or at least I did not see it if its there. Like I said, I need to reset it to default that is my next step. However, I do not know how to do that on this laptop, there is no jumpers like on regular motherboards.
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