"Press TAB to POST or DEL to enter SETUP" (Windows doesn't start)

By Marre Star
Oct 28, 2005
  1. I get the message: Press TAB to enter POST or DEL to enter SETUP when I start my computer (New mother board & processor). According to Phoenix this is the OEM's proprietary display and it's asking in case I want to see the original display. I really could not care less who's POST-display I watch, I just want to get to Windows :bounce:

    If I put HD as primary and CD as secondary boot device, sometimes "it" will ask if I want to boot from CD and if I don't it will boot from HD (Which I want it to). However, it never boots from HD from the start, it's just that stupid "press TAB to POST screen"-message. Also everything is very slow in this process...

    I know my hardware works well together and that my RAM is ok etc. Windows works just fine as long as I can get to it.

    Ok, this is where you tell me it is a silly problem and it is easily fixed :)

  2. The_Maestro

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    In your bios you have an option to set your boot device priority, you need to set your HDD-0 as first boot priority.
  3. Marre Star

    Marre Star TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I know that :)

    That wasn't the thing. I "managed to solve" the problem however... When I installed my other HD it just worked as before. I had removed it in BIOS and was going to run my system with only the system drive, but I guess you can't just do it like that...

    Thanks anyway
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