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Mar 12, 2005
  1. We have a new xerox phaser 8400dp in our WindowsXP computer lab. The 8400 has been assigned a static ip on our network. My question is...... is there any way that print jobs could be monitored and spooled on one workstation with the option of allowing or deleting?

    The reason i ask is that i would like to be able to have control over printer usage across the workstations in our school computer lab.

    I don't suppose there are any stand-alone type solutions to accomplish this without getting into Linux or Novell?

    Any suggestions?
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  3. BlueSky

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    Well, i figured it out myself. Under my workstation i set the phaser to be shared, and then on the other workstations i added a new printer, selected network printer instead of local, browsed and found my newly shared printer in our network domain.... and all done.

    Now every print job sent from the other workstations spools through my workstation.... and i can therefore use the default print queue, so if i simply choose to pause the printer, jobs will spool and wait..... and i can also choose to allow or delete any specific print job.

    Simple, yet effective for what i wanted..... and the price is right. ;)
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    That should only work if all the other machines installed their network printer from your machine. In other words, you shared the printer out and they installed it from your machine. If it is installed on another server in the domain and the other machines installed from it, you will only see your queue for jobs printed on your machine.

    I'm interested to know, did you test it? Is this on a windows domain?
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    Yes, the config is as you described.... each of the workstations installed the printer from my system. I have been using it all week and it is working absolutely great for what i wanted. It is a Windows XP lab.
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