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I havent had too much experience with Vista until lately, so I'll explain the best I can. Quite simply I recently installed a second computer into an office that has of course Windows Vista on it. Everything has run smoothly with setup and configuration except for the printer sharing. I've set it up with password protected sharing, and upon the initial setup, the printer was installed and working perfectly. When the box popped up to enter user name and pass to access the printer on the network from the other computer, I made sure to check the box 'remember password. My problem (or I should say the offices problem) now is that every time they shut down the computer at the end of the work day, it wont allow them to use the printer the following morning when they start up the machine. Does something reset with user access after the computer is shut down? And if so, would it be better to just to eliminate the password protection all together? I should note the initial reason for password protection was because they were on a wireless network, and extra protection was needed. But now the computers are networked on a local basis, we took out the wireless setup and put a hub in.


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When you enter the password, you are making a connection to the device itself.
if the system is shutdown, the connection is lost.

When restarted, you need another connection and --- password is required :)

WHY PW protect the printer?
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