Printing from old dos database to generic windows printer

By Karmashock
Jan 15, 2007
  1. Does anyone here have first hand experience with this? I've seen lots of programs offered on the internet but they all look flaky.

    Ideally, I'd like it to be able to emulate a printer (printing to file isn't really an option with this program) and it needs to be able to use HP printer codes.

    Most of the apps out there support Epson printer codes, which just doesn't cut it. There are like a hundred formated forms all laid out with HP printer codes.

    If that doesn't work, can anyone suggest a good NEW HP printer that supports dos printing? Even better... one that supports dos printing and has all nice features like print to fax?

    See, I have these forms that get faxed out every day... literally like 40 of them a day... and currently I have to print these forms out of a crappy dying HP printer, then fax them by hand.

    In a word... lame.
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