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By Sense
Jun 28, 2016
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  1. Hello ! Today I bought a Fortrek titan dark knight pc case. After changing my pc case with this one, everything works fine except my cpu fan. I've ran my pc for about 2 hours and thought it was normal for the fan to spin that way, and after those 2 hours I couldn't hear that noise anymore.

    It is spinning very very very loud and fast at the speed of 33280 rpm. Yes, 33k rpm !! ( I used cpuid hardware monitor because no other program can detect my fans )
    Printscreen here : [​IMG]
    Usually when I power up my pc the fan is silent but after 15-20 secs aprox it starts to spin like hell.

    I tried to lower the speed through speed fan but it won't detect any pc fan, it's all empty. I tried to lower it through bios, but I couldn't find any fan speed setup (windows 10).

    At this point I'm even afraid to power up my pc because I don't wanna break any of my pc components..

    My cpu : intel i5 2400 3.1 quad core

    Sorry for my bad english.
    Any idea ??
  2. Hotlynx16

    Hotlynx16 TS Enthusiast Posts: 39

    Did it read right before you changed cases? Make sure the CPU fan plug is in the socket properly , not 1 pin over or something. Also some motherboards have 2 cpu fan sockets, make sure you are in number 1. Need to check an make sure the board is not shorting out on an extra standoff under the board in the new case.

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