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Dec 30, 2005
  1. I have an older computer that was replaced a year ago. It's a decent computer. P3500, 512 MB of RAM, etc. I moved it up to my room a year ago, and we just got it hooked up with a cable to the internet yesterday via router. However, it cannot connect. Like, it acquires all the proper information (IP, DNS address, ect), yet it doesn't send or recieve any or very few packets. The computer says it's online though. I don't know what's wrong. I haven't done anything majorly different with the computer since it's been put in my room.
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  3. Eisbaer

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    Alright, assuming a few things:

    - OS is WinXP ?!
    - Router is configured right ?!
    - DHCP is enabled on the router ?!

    Check this:

    - Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet Connections -> Network Connections -> 1. make sure there are not multiple adapters enabled, 2. make sure nothing is 'bridged', 3. right-click on the enabled adapter icon ->
    Properties -> click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), then click on Properties ->
    1. is it set to obtain IP and DNS Server addresses automatically ? - If not, you might want to set it to obtain that info automatically.

    If that doesn't do:

    Open Internet Explorer, click on Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings -> Place a check mark in Detect settings automatically, if there is not one already ... and see whether that helps ...

    If nothing works, open up a Command Prompt by clicking Start -> Run -> type: cmd -> press Enter, then type:

    ipconfig /release ---- then press Enter, and then type:
    ipconfig /renew ---- then press Enter

    Let us know whether it renews the IP without a problem, if it does ... does the Internet work ?
  4. Aquilon

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    I'm using Windows XP. I forgot to mention that there are other people in the house on the router. My dad even hooked his laptop up to my connection, yet it wouldn't work on my computer
  5. Aquilon

    Aquilon TS Rookie Topic Starter

  6. Eisbaer

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    Alright, try this first:

    Start -> Run -> type: cmd -> Hit Enter

    In the command prompt, type:

    ping -> Hit Enter

    and tell me whether the ping is successful,

    then type:

    ping -> Hit Enter

    and tell me whether that ping is successful.

  7. Aquilon

    Aquilon TS Rookie Topic Starter has a 0% fail rate has a 100% fail rate.

    Keep in mind that the connection works on my dad's laptop, and we've had this computer through a router before, and it worked fine.
  8. Eisbaer

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    The ping for (called a loopback test) shows that TCP/IP is setup and running correctly on your computer

    The ping to shows that you PC is not able to reach the router.
    How is the PC's NIC Card connected to the router?

    Wireless? Cable?

    If it is connected via cable, how long is the cable? Is it the right type of cable?

    If it is wireless, does it have the right Encryption key?

    Lot's of stuff to check ;)
  9. Aquilon

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    My computer is directly directly hardwired to the router. However, I have an adapter that plugs the network cable via USB. It's what we used before. The network cable is the same type as we've always used. It's about 50 feet long or so. Reaches across my house a fair ways. There still is a lot of slack though. More than enough.

    We tried wireless a few days ago and encountered the program. We thought it was the wireless adapter and decided to hardwire, but have encountered the same problem.
  10. Eisbaer

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    Have you tried it with another cable? -- Maybe that is damaged ... happens often!
  11. Aquilon

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    The cable is brand new, and works in my dad's laptop
  12. Eisbaer

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    Have you looked online in the router documentation about max number of concurrent connections?

    Also, is the router's IP range for the DHCP portion defined to allow for all those computers to be connected?

    Are any other computer set up with a static IP and maybe the IP is duplicate?

    Also, have you tried to hit the Repair button in the one window you had a screenshot of earlier?
  13. Aquilon

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    Like I said, other people have been able to get on using the same wire, but I haven't been able to. I've hit the repair button to no avail, and the IP isn't duplicate.
  14. Eisbaer

    Eisbaer TS Rookie

    When you look at your NIC card, what are the lights (LEDs) doing ... are they flickering rapidly or not doing much at all ?
  15. Aquilon

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    They're all kind of flickering at random intervals.
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    What DNS address does your PC acquire?
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