Problem::How to force uninstallation on Symantec Client Corporate Edition

Mar 10, 2005
  1. For some reason, I cannot access one of my clients from my Symantec System Center Console. I did an installation, scanned for viruses (got 2 threats but cleaned them), and the next time I tried to access this client in order to configure some settings, it displays a message of "verify that the client is currently running Symantec AntiVirus". I am postive that that program was running fine.

    So I thought, ok, how about I uninstall and reinstall? Nah, a window would pop up during uninstallation requesting for a password? I do not whether it is Symantec's password or Windows OS password? Currently that computer has no password and I have tried all possible passwords but could not activate this uninstallation.

    Is there anyway to force an uninstallation? Perhaps I should login in Safe Mode? I would like to ask around first in case there might be something wrong with my Symantec Server / Client, etc.

    Thank you for any info -)
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