Build a PC Problem installing new 320 hd and loading windows xp

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I bought a new 320 hd yesterday and installed it. Used my windows xp disk to load it on the new hd. It went through the set up fine, then when it rebooted, it came to a black screen, that read
hit any key to continue with cd
error read disk
hit ctrl alt delete to reboot
I tried everything, and the ctrl alt delete just kept bringing up the same screen. my regular pc girl in out of town until Tues. and I need to get my pc running.
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I took the cd out, I deleted the partitioned and tried to start a new partition and that didn't work either.


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Sounds like somthing I had once before. Can't remember how I got rid of it, I think one time it just worked. Is it a IDE or SATA drive?

Sata wont need and jumpers on it but the IDE one should have the jumper set on master.

Try to get into your BIOs and make sure that the boot priority is set to the HD

Or if that fails, reset your BIO's by taking the battery out of the mobo for a minute
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