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By B3nd3r
Dec 28, 2006
  1. Hello all,

    I am having a problem doing a clean install of WINXP onto a 200gb Maxtor 7,200 SATA hd.

    Current problem:
    I am pressing F6 at the install screen and loading the drivers for my sata/raid that I downloaded from my MB's (Gigabyte) website. I get the screen where I press "s" and then choose the drivers from the floppy. Windows continues to load the preliminary files. I get to screen asking which partition (i already partitioned the drive) to choose. I choose the partiton, a few screens flash and then I get a message stating "Setup cannot copy the file: si 3112r.sys". If I try to skip the files, the setup continues, the pc reboots, I Get the WINXP loading logo and then a blue screen showing "***STOP 0x0000007b

    Things I have tried:

    I have tried drivers from the cd that came with the motherboard and updated from the website.

    I think if I can get the files to copy I wouldn't get the blue STOP screen upon reboot.

    The drive appears to be good. I was able to use it as a storage device when booting from another hard drive into windows. I also copied 30gbs of files to 1 of the partitions on the SATA hard drive.

    I also wiped out the partition and formatted the drive numerous times.

    I tried both BASE and RAID setting in BIOS. Also tried setting the jumper to 1.5gbs setting on the drive itself.

    Any Ideas?

    Thank You,
  2. Liquidlen

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    Please do not post twice ! Be patient someone will find your problem and assist.
  3. B3nd3r

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    I accidently pressed the enter key on that message while i was rewording the subject line of the thread. I would have deleted this thread all together if possible. Thats why i reposted with a more descriptive subject. I'd rather only have 1 thread for this anyway. Its easier to respond and read suggestions if theres only 1 thread.
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