Problem Logging into Windows XP Home - cant' find domain?

By Luna M
Apr 26, 2007
  1. Just looking for a bit of advice.

    A computer I'm working on gives teh following error when attempting to log on to any user under normal bootup:

    "The system cannot log you on because the domain [computer name]* is not available."

    *the computer name happens to be the name of the client, and so I have omitted it.

    [computer name] is just the name of the computer as shown if you look in the Computer Name tab under My Computer > Properties. If I change it, the error message changes to reflect it.

    I've worked on this same computer in the past for the same problem. Last time I solved it by doing a system restore. This time, system restore fails (no matter what date I use).

    Has anyone else seen this before? If so, is this an easily solvable problem and I'm just being a numbskull, or is this just Windows corruption best solved by a wipe/reload?

    For posterity, the exact OS is XP Home w/SP2 installed. It appears to have Windows Update set to automatic, and most of the updates installed are just the critical/security ones.

    (As a side-note, I thought WinXP Home couldn't log into domains [without a hack], anyway, that's why it's Home instead of that wrong?)

    Looking for the simplest answer.
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Do a search for CCleaner and install and run it... Post results
  3. johnalvin

    johnalvin TS Rookie

    Hey! XP home, does not have a feature to log to a domain. If you want to be log into a doamain your OS should be XP pro.
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