Problem ReBoot Black Screen + Drivers Graphics Card

By renhu
Dec 24, 2009
  1. Hello,

    I'm from belgium so sorry for my bad english. Here is my config:

    Alim: ANTEC Neo HE430
    MB : ASUS P5LD2
    GC: MSI Geforce 7900gs (fanless)
    Ram : 2*1 Go Corsair
    Pro: Intel Core2Duo 6600
    2*HDD SATA 250Go
    Windows XP SP3

    My problem:

    I've just format my computer and re install windows xp. All is ok but when i try to install the graphic drivers from the nvidia site (ver 195.62), my graphic card is seen as Geforce 7900 GTX :-(
    I also try with the old cd drivers from MSI and same problem...
    I also try to take off the card from the computer and replace it... no change

    So I think that is not so bad and that i m able to work with this config... but the other problem is:

    When i reboot my computer (windows -> restart), my screen still black when the pc reboot. I can hear the windows startup sound.... I think that my computer boot normally but without the graphic card :-(
    When i trun off the PC and turn it on, screen came back and windows appear...

    My question is :

    Problem with drivers ?
    Problem with graphics card ?
    Problem with motherboard ?
    Problem with alim?

    Thank you to have read me and maybe answer...

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