Problem si3112r.sys BSOD

By clag_kent
Jun 19, 2007
  1. Hey Guys,

    I have asked many computer savvy ppl and none of them have been able to help me. I'm having a problem installing any new versions of adobe products. (with CS3 after the installation process is finished i try and load the program, then blue screen of death) the error code is si3112r.sys...

    Now things i know, its a problem to do with my sata hd.

    I have tried updating the drivers for it and BSOD again tho this one happens during the install.

    I have fully formatted the HD twice and still receive the same problem.

    Sys Specs (if needed)
    *200gb western digital sata hd
    *8sq800 gigabyte mother board
    *2.4ghz Intel Pentium processor

    the rest of my comp has been updated recently and i have had the same issue b4 and after so those parts can't be the problem...

    someone please help me :p
    thanks for anything help in advance
  2. raybay

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    Common error with people who have an ASUS motherboard. Perhaps it is also common with the Gigabyte board.

    It is usually a SATALink error for the Serial ATA Controller disc... and involves a request for Silicone Image drivers that it doesn't find.

    For example, see

    Do a search for and download the Silicone Image driver, or look for it on your motherboard disc, unzip and install it using setup.exe

    Create a flash drive or floppy disk install disc from the x:\Drivers\SATA or the directory in which you find the unzipped and use these instructions:

    1) Make sure to enable the SATA header (Read the manual).
    Now boot up and go into BIOS setup and make these changes: 1st boot device: CD/DVD-drive, 2nd boot device: Floppy-drive, 3rd boot device:scsi-drive. It takes some diddling.
    Start or restart your system.
    When you get the Windows Setup screen with the windows-cd in the drive and press a key when you get the message "press a key to boot from the cd"), press F6 to install the driver.
    Insert the flash drive or diskette with the downloaded drivers.
    Press S then press Enter.
    Now select Silicon Image SiI 3112 SATALink Serial ATA Controller <enter>
    Press Enter to continue and follow on-screen instructions to complete Windows XP installation.

    Verify for Successful Installation
    Right click My Computer and click Manage.
    Select Device Manager.
    Double click SCSI and RAID Controllers, then double click Silicon Image SiI 3112 Serial ATA Controller to display driver properties.
    A message This device is working properly is displayed in the dialog box, the driver has been correctly installed.
    If this cryptic advice doesn't work, go to the ASUS site and read that manual which has more detailed instructions. I am only assuming the problem is similar for the Gigabyte board. I don't really know.
  3. clag_kent

    clag_kent TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i was hoping not to have to reformat, but if thats the only we so be it thanks for ru help
  4. tbar

    tbar TS Rookie

    Blue Screen (BSOD) restarts of pc with si3112r.sys error.

    My pc restarted soon after boot up and continued this even in windows safe mode. This is a serious problem when safe mode won’t hold up! Using Windows Repair didn’t work by the way. On the blue screen (BSOD) the error reported was “si3112r.sys. A google search yields this as a fault with the “silicon image” SATA driver file in windows.
    This problem occurred after a windows update but I don’t know if that is the cause.
    To solve it I removed the hard drive, took it to a friend’s pc and ran a virus scan over it with AVG Free. Two Trojans were found and deleted even though I had virus protection already running.
    Additionally we replaced the si3112r.sys file with the original driver from the nforce install cd used in initial pc building. You might be able to get this driver from the net if you don’t have the original.
    To do the driver install the following was used.

    Whilst the hard disk was in the other pc find the si3112r.sys in directory \WINDOWS\system32\drivers and change the extension to “.bak”. Locate the si3112r.sys driver on the nforce (or alternative) cd, copy and paste into \WINDOWS\system32\drivers.
    Replace the hard disk into your pc and try it out.

    Hope this helps out people with similar problems. I still don’t know if the virus infections or the windows update is the culprit. I tend to suspect the virus primarily. Good Luck.
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