Problem uploading Directx 9.0c

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Sep 24, 2004
  1. I purchased Sims2. I needed to add memory and purchase a new video card. I did both. Both are working fine. I even got the game loading. The problem I'm having is uploading Directx 9.0c. Right now my system has Directx 9.0b. After downloading 9.0c Im being told to restart my system, this is where the problem happens. Windows for some reason can no upload it. I get a repeated meassage saying :Windows can not upload files %1 of %2:several times. Finally it quicks and says :Windows was unable to upload 1 or 2 components:. The the system finall reboots. I check and sure enough it still says the version I have is 9.0b. What is going on? Please help!
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    A bit more information about your computer could be helpful - which Windows is it? How did you get DirectX 9.0c, with Windows Update or as a single download file? The file could be corrupted. Also, check if there is anything about this error in Event Viewer (it's in Administrative Tools).
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    I have Windows ME. At first I downloaded the Directx 9.0c from the Directx site. When that did not work I then downloaded it directly from the game disc. And it was still giving me the same problem.
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    do not try to uninstall the directx9.0b. a much simpler solution is to merely go to google and search for sp2 (service pack 2) and download it from a NON microsoft site. i had the same problem and it was quickly and easily solved after this. try
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    This thread is 3 years old lol.

    Please check the dates of threads before posting.

    I did it myself when I first joined Techspot. ;)

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