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By zlatko_k ยท 20 replies
Jan 2, 2006
  1. Hi, this is my first thread at this forum and i'll aprishiate any kind of help. So this is my problem: every time, in the last two months, when I start my PC it doesnt want to load the OS. It comes to some point, like starting the interface of the OS, and it stops. After that I need to turn it off and start it again. After that everything works normaly until the next day when I need to do the same procedure again. Alsow I've noticed that when the PC is turned off the HDD makes squcking noises (it buzzes). May all of the problems be from the HDD?
  2. vnf4ultra

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    It might be a hard drive problem. You might be able to check the drives "smart" status, to see if it's giving errors.
    You can check it's status with everest home, here's the link.

    Once installed click storage/smart and check if the values are normal/passing, or failing. Your drive might not have smart enabled though.
  3. nork

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    The "smart" feature is turned on or off in the bios. If you have smart that is where you will find it. It may be turned off, just enable it and save and exit the bios.

    However, your problem could very well be caused by a virus\malware. No antivirus prog catches all viruses and they are very bad at catching things like trojans and worms.
    Best to run an online scan at trendmicro.

    Also, along with an up to date antivirus you should be running adaware, microsoft antispyware, spybot, hijack this, etc. All of these can be downloaded free, use google to find them. If you dont have these download these progs and run them. Do trendmicro first!
  4. zlatko_k

    zlatko_k TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the suggestions but I still have the same problem and both of the mentioned progs are giving results that everything is normal. Does anyone knows what else can I try? :(

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  5. kodrutz

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    1. Try to reinstall your Windows and convert all your partitions to NTFS, if you're using fat32. DO NOT try to convert your system partition to NTFS because the system won't boot at all afterwards.
    2. As I was saying in a previous post today, try to use Ultra or Hiren's Boot Cd, they are very good for troubleshooting purposes.

    Keep us informed on your progress!
  6. nork

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    Why would you have him do this already?
    there are so many things he can do before having to resort to re-installing windows!
    Not only that, but you didnt mention his data. If he is to start over then he would have to save all his data.
    It would seem easier to me to just fix the problem.

    The problem could be a bad power on\off switch at the case or it could be a failing power supply. The symptoms given are more like that. I mentioned the virus\malware first as this should be checked out. Once its established there is no virus\malware, then on to other things. That would usually involve hardware but i still dont see why he has to re-install windows at this point?
    What am i missing?

    What i would suggest would be to check the power on\off switch, just to get it out of the way, as i honestly do feel its the power supply. Anyway, there are 2 wires from the power on\off from the case to the mobo. Unhook those 2 wires and place a flat screwdriver on the 2 pins on the mobo where the 2 wires were.
    If that starts your pc all the time, first time, then that switch is bad. I have seen that happen quite a bit, but usually its the who power supply. The power supplys that come with standard pcs are anywhere from cheap to real bad junk. They still appear to be working but they cause problems for your pc as some of the rails arent up to the power they should be at.
    Can you borrow a power supply from a friend to put in your system to check and see if the problem is your power supply?

    You mentioned noise at the hard drive. I am not ignoring that but i have heard that a hundred times and when the noise is eventually found it turns out its not the hard drive at all.

    Are you able to do the items i have mentioned above?
    My guess is that your power supply is bad.
  7. kodrutz

    kodrutz TS Booster Posts: 110

    My mistake, first should've been the troubleshooting advice, then the reinstall.
    I am sure he got the idea. I am not a "reinstall solution freak" myself at all, but sometimes it helps. Also, checking connection cables/power supply/cards inserted well into slots sounds pretty obvious to me...I will try to pay more atention to details in the future.
  8. nork

    nork TS Maniac Posts: 306

    Sorry, but i get upset when i see such advice, especially when it involves unneccesary reformatting.
    Its actually rare to have to reformat. Most issues can be corrected.
    Maybe we can all work together on this one.
  9. Jaquio

    Jaquio TS Rookie Posts: 26

    Reinstalling is the Ultimate Solution...
  10. zlatko_k

    zlatko_k TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi and thank you for all your efforts. I've tried some of the testing utilities on Hiren's Boot Cd and they didn't find any problems. About reinstaling the OS i won't do this yet because I did it recently. I'll try the power switch and i'll inform u about the progress. :stickout:
  11. OpTiMuSpRiMe

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    Man the first thing that you should ask yourself in TS is:: what changes if any have been made to the system prior to the problem with the hdd making noises and work backwards.. find the most recent thing that you have changed and make sure that is not the issue then work forwards.. if you have determined that is not the issue then the first thing i would do when something like this happens to hardware components like a Hdd is try it in another system and see if it fails in the other system if it does then you know that you have isolated the issue to HDD and not a controller issure on the mother board or even worse totall loss of data with the chance of a bad planar.. there are many hdd diag tools that you can find and if you have issues finding any i can find some for you...
  12. nork

    nork TS Maniac Posts: 306

    In post #6, i pointed out some of the possible issues based on what zlatko_k has stated.

    I suggest, zlatko_k, that you start there. One thing i left out was your h drive diagnostics. That is because whenever i hear someone say there are noises from the hard drive, 90% of the time the noises end up coming from the power supply or a fan, something other than the hard drive.

    zlatko_k, can you say that the noises come from the hard drive 100%?
    If so you can check and see the make, maxtor, western digital, whatever. Then go go the hard drive manufacturers website. There you can download the correct diagnostic program for your hard drive. Then you can run the program to check your hard drive and make sure its working correctly.
    Still, i suggest you do the other things i mentioned in #6.
  13. zlatko_k

    zlatko_k TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well boys and girls I finaly solved the problem. Thank you for your help. nork was right. The buzzing was coming from the power supply, so yesterday i bought new one and now everything works perfectly. :giddy: :haha: :grinthumb
  14. nork

    nork TS Maniac Posts: 306

    If i sound a bit uppity, i apologize, but please try and understand from my way of looking at things. I hate to see people guessing unless they point out its just a guess, and actually telling someone they have to reformat their hard drive and things that drastic are simply just not a good idea unless you are absolutely certain. But you can ONLY be absolutely certain if you have followed the footprint or basic standards for troubleshooting. The main idea is to isolate the problem. But you make sure you check all the obvious possibilities and all the easy fixes. Once you have done that then its on to things that take more time and effort and, in the very end, only then do you do drastic things like re-installing os's, replacing mobos, etc.
    So please forgive me but some answers like "Reinstalling is the Ultimate Solution..." dont help the person with the problem and it could be you next!!
    Better to either give a good,relative answer, or even let the person know you are guessing, than to tell them to reinstall when the problem hasnt even been located!
  15. jayesh

    jayesh TS Rookie

    Hey nork i doubt anyone will take offence to that. Your suggestion was a sound one... half the reason i dont post on most forums is due to that...

    for eg i was facing a prob with my earlier setup with a ram stick issue . the advice i received ranged from check your board jumper ( ?!?! what is the connection ) to change the motherboard psu hard drive dvdwriter graphic card...

    all in all i love to read moderate posts like your's that help users and noobs to go through step by step instead of taking a full drawn out step :)
  16. nork

    nork TS Maniac Posts: 306

    Jayesh, thanks, i really appreciate the support.

    I hate to come down on people since i am new here myself. But when someone gives another person advice they should think it thru first. If the person takes your advice and its all wrong, look what you have done!
    Its one thing to suggest a bios re-set and its another to suggest they re-install windows, darn it i get so angry when i see things like "Reinstalling is the Ultimate Solution..." and other comments like that. Why bother with a comment like that? No offense to the person who said that, but you need to either make a comment that helps or stay out of the thread, dont be guessing or making broad, no-value statements like that.
    And worse when we tell someone to do something drastic and they actually do it!! Like re-installing windows, its very rare to have to do that! We all, including me, have to be way more careful what we say in these threads.
    Remember that we wouldnt want someone giving us bad advice when its our turn!!
  17. kodrutz

    kodrutz TS Booster Posts: 110

    I think there's too much noise here...

    ...and only because I put on number one position what should have been in the end???(that being the reinstall of Windows)

    I don't want to start a flame here, but I think there are better topics to post then going on and on here about a small thing.

    If I would've said "Format all your partitions and reinstall Windows then", then you would be right to go on with all this.

    These being said, I will end my contribution to this post and move on. If the topic starter doesn't need any more help here, I suggest you all do the same.
  18. nork

    nork TS Maniac Posts: 306

    Gee, kodrutz, i wasnt talking about you. We already discussed your post.
    I was talking about the person who posted this: "Reinstalling is the Ultimate Solution..." And i even said so in my post if you re-read it you will see that.
    Listen, i just wanted to point out that people are posting wild solutions without helping the person properly isolate the issue and use surgical skill to effect the repair. What is the point of telling a person his motherboard is bad when in fact he had a trojan on his hard drive?
    The problem must be first isolated, then a fix worked out.
  19. kodrutz

    kodrutz TS Booster Posts: 110

    Hehe...I got it, but anyway, we're not helping anybody with this, no offense taken, don't worry.

    ...and the reinstall IS the Ultimate Solution...where Ultimate=Last Available :)

    Over & out here!
  20. s3xynanigoat

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    The solution is obvious here, Nork has a virus that has fried his motherboard so the best thing to do is to get a new MOBO and re install windows.

  21. nork

    nork TS Maniac Posts: 306

    yes, and while i am at it i i will get a new sata connector for my pata drive and start a thread to get help to connect it.
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