Problem with 1394 of Audigy Platinum

By Rohas21
Nov 4, 2003
  1. When i plugged a second ethernet card (D-Link) i try to hear music but instead of sound an error came out about direct sound...I look at the device manager and under the section of network adapters i notice a yello exclamation mark (!) at
    1394 Network Adapters (The Device cannot start - code 10)

    I thought that maybe had conflict with the 2nd ethernet,so i uninstall it,turn PC off,unplugged it,start again but the yellow ! was there.After that i uninstall it,reboot to detect it again,but yellow ! was there alright :(

    I figure out that maybe audigy platinum card has something to do it,cause the only 1394 are from it.So i uninstall it (remove drivers from add/remove) turn the PC off,unplugged it,start PC without it,turn it off,plugged it (diferent slot) start over and when i finished install it from the CD i show that the yellow ! still existed
    The fun thing is that when i try to install an update driver from an error came

    the outputs from PCI card are ok (the ones that are for sound, for the firewire 1394 i cannot test cause i don't have gadget using such port) BUT THE EXTRA OUTPUTS that platinum gives are not existing :confused:

    Then i unplugged also the 1st ethernet (3com), uninstall,turn off,unplugged,turn on, but the yellow ! is still there and i can not install any update drivers for audigy platinum

    I tried also to give specific IRQ for each slot (in case of IRQ conflict) from BIOS but also that didn't work.After reading a few posts from here i'll try install direct-x (older one),run patch for firewire enumerate and update bios but i don't think that will work !!!!! I don't think that format will work so if someone has any other thoughts of solving this plz post it :)

  2. StormBringer

    StormBringer TS Maniac Posts: 2,244

    Did you try just removing the 1394 entry from Device manager and see if it wouldd redetect and ask for drivers correctly?

    What OS are you using, I assume 9x from the description of some of the procedures you went through?
  3. Rohas21

    Rohas21 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have XP pro english,and that was the first thing i did...
    i uninstall it,i turn the PC off,then on but nothing....
    I even disable it to see if i can install the update drivers for soundblaster but this failed too :(
    (the error message saying that soundblaster audigy platinum not detected in my system)
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