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problem with ABIT KV8 with SATI HD

By jaybny ยท 5 replies
Oct 20, 2004
  1. PLease help!

    First time building a computer and am having some trouble.

    I have an ABIT KV8 PRO - K8T800PRO motherboard with a SATI hard drive. I connected the hard drive to the SATI 1 slot, but my hard drive cannot be found.

    It is not in the BIOS and windows XP setup says it does not detect a hard drive. Any solutions for this?

    Thanx Alot
  2. Hodsocks

    Hodsocks TS Guru Posts: 382

    You need to load the SATA drivers from your motherboard CD before installing XP. Right at the start of installing XP it asks if you need to load any other drivers, SCSI etc, say yes and install these drivers and then windows setup will detect your drive.
  3. jaybny

    jaybny TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I figured that was what I needed to do, but am unable to do so.
    Windows XP set-up wants me to hit F6 to install extra drivers. I have a Logitech "multimedia" keyboard that remaps my function keys. I can override this by hitting the "F-lock" key. For some reason during the windows XP install this F-lock key is disable, so I am unable to use any of the funcation keys.

    I guess I'll throw this KB out the window and go buy a new one. :) :p
  4. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,274

    Looking at the KV8 Pro picture (LINK), it seems to me as the SATA is controlled by the Southbridge & not by an extra onboard controller (which would require Drivers at the XP install).

    Have you looked in the manual for the SATA installation procedure ? Maybe there's a key that you need to hit right after the POST to make the SATA controller detect the HDDs & eventually create a stripe or an array.

    There could also be a jumper on the motherboard that has disabled SATA functions. In other words, thoroughly RTFM.;)
  5. jaybny

    jaybny TS Rookie Topic Starter


    OK! so I RTFM again, and was able to find a kludge. :cool:

    I was able to get my SATI hard drive to work, but I now want an explanation.

    In my BIOS under "Intergrated Peripherals" -> "OnChip IDE Device"

    I disabled the "SATA RAID ROM" option.

    The manual describes this option as .

    "This item allows you to use the boot ROM of on-chip Serial ATA RAID to boot-up system"

    Why did this fix it? ANd what if I want to boot from my HardDrive?

    Thanx ALot

    guess i will be keeping my crappy KB afterall! :grinthumb
  6. afriend

    afriend TS Rookie

    Had the same problem

    When you install Windows at the prompt" if you need to add drivers press F6" windows will load some more files then ask you to install additional drivers then press S insert the Sata floppy then use the arrow keys to scroll down and select" Via raid windows XP" windows will then recognise your Hdd.
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