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Problem with Ati sapphire 9700pro ultimate edition

By kimbo.ati
Jul 26, 2005
  1. Problem with Ati sapphire 9700pro ultimate edition. (PICS DOWN BELOW)
    (have a silencer on this card)
    when i first installed this card on my system i already had windows and stuff on it i ran driver cleaner for my old graphics card drivers. The computer booted fine untill it got to the logon screen where it only showed the mouse in the centre of the screen and a black background. The mouse dos'nt move at all, shortly after this the computer screen goes black and the computer resets only to do the same thing agian.

    i fixed this problem by starting my computer in "last settings that worked" i continued to install the new drivers (latest ati drivers) reset my computer and where the logon screen is meant to be there is lots of colours in pixels and this changes twice then the screen goes black and resets.to fox this problem i started in safe mode then reset and it worked fine but continues to screw up everytime the drivers are changed around.

    when i formatted my computer i did everything correctly BUT where the blue screen that sets up the users for the computer and registers to microsoft never appears at all but does the same thing that happens in paragraph two.

    i fixed this problem by installing an NVIDIA 5700le and then installing all the drivers accept for the graphics card drviers and rebooting.the computer did the same thing as what happened in paragraph one. fixed this by starting in last settings that worked.

    Im happy it works but i cant format often anymore becuase i end up having to uninstall video cards over and over :mad:

    if someone could please tell me why this is happening :confused:
    computer specs:

    Thermaltake purepower 420W PSU
    amd athlon xp 2800+ @ 160fsb :(
    msi - kt4v
    ATI Sapphire 9700pro ultimate edition
    Western Digital 8mb Cache 7200rpm 200gig
    Soundblaster Live! PCI
    10/100 network card PCI
    Graphics Card My Computer
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