Problem with booting, system32 and such...

By tech_dummy
Nov 5, 2006
  1. Problem with booting (system32 corrupt or missing)

    I'm in a desperate need of help. A couple of months ago, i downloaded a trial version of Windows XP theme. Then, a week ago, the version expired, and since i dont intend to buy it, i decided to delete the softwate. Then, it prompted me to restart my laptop. But this is when the problem begins.

    When i tried restarting it, suddenly it told me that Windows couldn't start because the file:windows/system32/config/system (or something like that) was corrupt or missing. It also told me to try repairing it using the windows set up cd-rom. I tried restarting it several times but the same thing pops up.

    I asked a friend of mine to help me with it (im a total computer *****, u see. Technology freaks me out). He put in the windows set up cd, booted from it, then began setup. He selected the repair option, went into the Recovery Console, typed in a few things, and Presto! My laptop began started like normal. I was over the moon! Everything went normal for a few minutes, then comes another problem.

    A blue screen suddenly appears saying a problem has been found and Windows had to shut down to prevent damage, with a list of suggestions on the problem. My friend told me not to worry and that he'll repair it again. He repeated the same process, but this time, when he reached the Recovery Console screen, the same blue screen appears before he could do anything.
    He tried for a dozen of times and the same thing happens over again! He even tried to reinstall the Windows and reformatting my laptop, but when it reaches the aggreement part, where you'll have to press F8 to agree, the blue screen will reappear.

    We even tried to change to another instalation cd but the blue screen just wouldn't go away. Im really outta ideas on what to do now. Can anyone please help? I would really appreciate it. And since im a total computer *****, please dont use overly complicated terms. Thanx alot!
  2. Zeratul

    Zeratul TS Rookie Posts: 70

    i hate this , i really hate it.
    Okay, i have some suggestions, try them if you like, they're just suggestions from a normal guy:
    1. try using any of the perfect bootable CDs like hiren's boot cd or ultimate boot cd or the outstanding bootable cd of acronis tools (the best) to format your partition (at least the Operating System partition) and try again installing your windows.

    2.can you move that hard disk to another laptop and try to install windows on it, so that if it didn't install, then, the problem is with the hdd itself and not any hardware inside your laptop?

    3. you can connect this hdd to to a PC with a special cable sold to connect laptop's hard disk to it. if you do so, try formatting the partition that contained your OS and try to install it from your PC.
  3. tech_dummy

    tech_dummy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanx man, i'm gonna try em out and tell u guys how it goes. In the meantime, any other suggestions?
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