Problem with both of my hard drives??

By justin2288
Sep 19, 2005
  1. I have a Shuttle computer with (2) 250 gig hard drives (1 western dig and 1 maxtor) and a DVD so it is kind of cramped. It gets pretty hot, but stays below the max temp for everything. Sometimes in the summer it gets a little too hot so I'll shut it down for a while, but this is pretty rare. I have had everything for like 2 years.

    One time I shut off my computer when everything was running fine. The next day, I go to boot it up, and bios starts off fine, detecting everything. Right before the Windows XP screen should pop up, the computer just sits there.

    I use a boot disk. Drive C:\ is my second hard drive. My first hard drive (with the OS) doesnt show up anywhere.

    I try to repair windows on the first hard drive. No luck. Format the hard drive and reinstall windows. It loads the install files to the hard drive, goes to restart to run the install, and says Disk Read Error.

    I think maybe the hard drive is bad, so I take out the "bad" hard drive and put the second one in its place, correctly switching the jumpers and cables. I power up the computer, and the light goes on but nothing happens or shows up on the screen. I take apart the entire computer and put it back together and it powered up. Now I have the same problem, accept after I formated and tried to install windows, I got the problem "Error Loading Operating System", or something along those lines. Never actually got into the main installation process on either hard drive. I restared, and same problem. Went to try the whole installation process over. It was weird because the partion that I just formated disappeared. I reformated, and tried to reinstall again. Now when it trys to boot from the hard drive, nothing happens, just like before, with no errors.

    I tried formating each hard drive and reinstalling again, with no results. I also tried another hard drive cable, one that I know works. I even tried another power cable from the power supply that I know worked (taken from my working DVD drive). Both hard drives make noise (a normal one too). Any ideas what is wrong? Not worried about data loss, have back-ups. I already formated both drives anyway. I just want this to work.

    Maybe both hard drives overheated? Or is it my mobo or something?
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    i just tried again to format/install. Now it just sits there and does nothing when trying to boot up the OS. but i used a boot disk, and in the C:\ drive is all the windows files, and I can see everything in C:\windows. it wont do anything though.

    maybe it is a boot secter or bios virus or some "crazy" virus. I don't know much about viruses.

    I reset the bios (i think) by unplugging it and removing the battery for like 15 mins and it did nothing.
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