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Jul 23, 2012
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  1. Hi there! Recently I had the win32 trojan on my computer which Broni (at techspot) helped me resolve. My system is clean of any malware/virus issues. However, I still have a problem that I didn't have before. When I go into my browser (IE or Firefox) I have problems with the graphics. I tried to restore IE to default settings and it did not resolve the issue. I'm at a complete loss as to how I can fix the issue. When I browse I can see photos, players etc, but background images on sites and graphics such as logos are all whited out. See my screen shot of tech spot for a visual reference. I would be very thankful if someone could help me figure out what the problem is.
  2. mike1959

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    Hi, Graphic problems with web browsers usually are down to a couple of problems,
    An 'Add-on' that is causing problems,
    An 'Add-on' that is missing.
    With Internet Explorer, you can run the browser in it's most basic mode, by going to the 'Start' button, and in the 'Search for files and folders' box, type 'Internet Explorer'.
    In the list that appears, click on 'Internet Explorer-no add-ons'. See if that makes a difference.
    With Firefox, right at the top of screen, click on 'Tools', then 'Add-ons', then 'Plug-ins' then click on the line at the top, 'Check to see if the plug-ins are up to date'.
    Also, it is worth checking if the graphic card drivers are giving a reasonably high resolution, (Control Panel, Hardware, Device manager, Display, ), Right-click, and choose 'Update drivers'.
  3. Mick Sanger

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    Well, I searched for the latest display driver and it said it was current. I also made sure my IE and firefox where both running without add-ons...there was no change. Is it possible that this is something I hit on my keyboard by accident? My big hands are constantly hitting the wrong keys on the laptop. lol
  4. Bobbye

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    I looked through all of your logs in the Trojan thread. I saw a Java plugin in Chrome, but not the current Java installed. That's why there were not files to remove with Java Ra.

    When you did the Security Check, Java was missing:
    I'd like you to please update Java: Java Updates . Uninstall any earlier versions in Add/Remove Programs as they are vulnerabilities for the system.

    Be sure to check all download screens for any pre-check toolbars or BHO> if found, remove the check before the download.. )Uncheck ALL pre-checked boxes.

    NOTE: You may have to install Java Runtime in order to get the Java update- so if there is an error when you try to update. let me know and I'll give you a link for that.
    NOTE: If you are using an Ad Blocker, it can cause the graphics problem you describe Java. When I am on TechSpot, I have to disable the AdBlock in Firefox or I see just what you do> a lot of empty white boxes.

    In your browsers, go to Tools> AdBlock> Check Disable on TechSpot

    Please let me know if the new, current Java install (Java v7u5) and disabling the AdBlock handles the graphice problems you're having.
  5. Mick Sanger

    Mick Sanger TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 36

    It looks like I've got the problem fixed. Apparently somewhere in the cleaning process the theme for the desktop got changed. It was on extreme white contrast. So no wonder half the site pages were missing. lol

    Regarding Java...I installed it once Broni helped me finish cleaning my laptop. Java was one of those things that we hadn't needed yet on this system. So my daughter had not installed it. I have it going now.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to help. Thanks a ton!
  6. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,334   +36

    You're welcome. What happened was most likely caused by the malware. Here are a couple of tips in case you experience it again:

    Correct Display Changes if needed:
    If the desktop background is black or if the theme has been removed:
    • For Windows XP: Click on Start> Control Panel> Display> change theme and/or background if needed.
    • For Windows Vista or Windows 7: Click on Start> Control Panel> Appearance & Personalization> Select Change Theme or Change Desktop Background
    Some items may not show on the Start menu. To add them back:
    • Right click on Start> Properties
    • Taskbar and Start Menu Properties screen appears
    • choose Start Menu tab> Click on Customize
    • For Windows XP> Choose Advanced tab
    • Check the items you want back on the Start Menu
    • When finished> click on OK> Apply and close.
    "Missing" icons, programs, files, etc:
    Some malware adds an attribute that causes parts of the system not to show and it appears they are 'missing'> they are not. To remove the attribute:
    • Download Unhide.exe and save to the desktop.
    • Double-click on Unhide.exe to run the program.
    • This program will remove the +H, or hidden, attribute from all the files on your hard drives.
    Note: It's important that you understand that all of the above are 'cosmetic' changes only. They do not remove any malware. They are usually handled at the end of the malware cleaning.

    Since you have just completed a cleaning, this was possibly overlook as you did experience it while the system was infected.

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