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By Ultiweap
Oct 21, 2008
  1. Hi,

    I had XP installed before and when I go to to test if a game can play it worked well, but since I put Vista Home Premium I can no more test though and

    When I test the results I got for my peripherals are undefined as the website can't found anything and that's for all my peripherals those site need to check. That's a little annoying. So can someone help me about that?

    Thanks in advance
  2. geekygirl63

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    Was checking out the FAQs on and it does say that the service will run on VISTA machines and provides specifics about which browsers it supports. You didn't indicate here if you are using Internet Explorer or another browser. That information would be helpful. If you are running IE with VISTA there are stricter security controls. You may need to allow this site into your trusted sites list. Also, try Firefox and see if you get the same results. Are you getting any specific error messages? Is the phishing filter turned on and is Pop-Up Blocker off? You may try turning off the Pop Up Blocker and the Phishing Filter. I have found that a number of programs that say they work with Vista won't.

    I don't have a VISTA machine in front of me to run the test on but I can later and maybe we can compare notes if you have not resolved it at that point. Also, what Antivirus/Firewall are you using?

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    Re: CanYouRunIt+Vista

    You have some conflict here. You specify using the program on Visa. I understand that to be the primary question: But then you go on to say:
    So just what are you checking here- the OS or whatever the 'peripherals' are?
  4. Ultiweap

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    Yeah me too it was working before but I found the problem. The problem come with a program that I install for performing my PC and I just make a reformat and it was working on both XP and Vista and when I re-install it, the same problem once more. I try to uninstall but same but I won't reformat my PC once more but will test it on my old PC and will take the requirements needed from the results gave by and will compare to those of my Graphic card as I know what my card have or not so it won't be a big problem.

    Thanks a lot for the help mate
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