Problem with Commandos-2 uninstall

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Feb 17, 2004
  1. Problem with Commandos-2 uninstall

    Hi Again,
    This time it is a unistall problem.
    When i was installing Commandos -2 the P.C hung up and i had to restart it .Now the problem is that there are no files of Commandos -2 on my system(i have manually removed them by "select all" and delete (from the Commandos -2) folder).But in the control panel add/Remove Commandos -2 can still be seen.
    When I try to remove it from add/Remove it shows unistalled successfully but it still remains in add/remove .Now when i again try to install Commandos-2 the game installer does not ask for a path but directly starts installing the files in "Windows Directory.".
    My q is how can I COMPLETELY remove all the traces of the last partial install?
    It seems that I had encountered similar problem with the same game at an earlier time also.
    PLs help me out.
  2. ravenjy

    ravenjy TS Rookie Posts: 36

    the prob is that when the program uninstalled itself from ur system, files were left over in the registry. to remove all traces of the program, u need to delete all of the registry keys associated with that game. to do this u can either get a registry cleaner or u can do it manually (like me) go to run and type in regedit and look through it yourself.
  3. Amitad

    Amitad TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 25

    I have already done that but the game remains in the add/remove list.When I click on the game name in the Add/Remove list and then click on the remove button the system shows "successfully uninstalled " but in the registry same keys are formed again(I have personally checked this).
  4. ravenjy

    ravenjy TS Rookie Posts: 36

    are u sure u got rid of every single key associated with this "commandos" game? because if every key is deleted, it shouldnt show up in the add/remove programs list anymore.
  5. poertner_1274

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    I think you will need to take a look in your registry for Commandos -2, or anything pertaining to it or it's manufacturer. It might have uninstalled it, but not completely. Before doing this please be careful, as you can seriously damage your computer by going into the registry.

    An easy way to help avoid problems is to save a copy of your registry before making any modifications, so that if you run into a problem you can always revert back.

    You could also try a program called regcleaner, that will let you search for things a little more user friendly.
  6. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Please don't double post in the future.
  7. Amitad

    Amitad TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 25

    VERY Sorry for the double post.My mistake.Wont happen again.
    Anyways is there any software which I can use to remove EVERY trace of any programme that I want from the reg.?Apart from the one that u mentioned.
    I downloded a software (dont remember the name) from ashampoo but it did not help.
  8. roberjames0074

    roberjames0074 TS Rookie

    quicker way of doing it manually

    The easiest way i found was to un-install the game, then delete the folder commandos 2, delete any shortcuts.
    Now open any window and go to the sub-directory, Tools, then, Folder options. Click the tab 'View' then check the box, 'Show hidden files and folders'. Press apply and shut down all the windows.
    Go to Program files and you should now have the folder,'InstallShield Installation Information'. Open this and go through each folder. Most of them will have a file called,'Setup'. The icon should look like a text file with a cog wheel on it. Running this folder won't do anything dangerous they should open text files saying what program they installed. Find the Commandos 2 folder and delete it. Then go backwards through the beginning of these instructions to turn off the hidden files and folders. Then re-start your machine. When you go to install the game now it should think it's the first time you ran it again.
    Long-winded but i hope it helps.
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