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Problem with computer

By simeonov16
Sep 18, 2009
  1. Ok, here is my system, Core i7 920, DX58SO, 6 GB DDR3 ram, 9800 GT 1GB DDR3, my harddrive is a 320 Samsung, works fine
    up until 2 weeks ago my computer was working fine, I ordered a solid state drive and had decided to put it in my computer when it came in and when I did and turned my computer on, all my fans and lights turned on but there was nothing coming out of the video, so I said ok, took it out, and started up again, and same thing happened again
    I talked to intel and they walked me through their troubleshooting and the motherboard did no beeps, so they thought it was that
    I shipped it out and got a replacement, well today I got the new one installed it thinking it was gonna be all good and I can keep working my job but no, exactly the same issue happened again, all the lights turn on, the fans turn, but nothing to the video, I grabbed my old computer out, which is what I am using now, I took my 700 w power supply out of my new computer and put it in the old one it powers everything up. I took my old graphics card out and put my 9800 in the old computer for some reason that did not work, so I said ok, well Ill put the old 8600 in the new motherboard and see if that works, it didnt, then I thought, why does the 9800 not work at all? and why does the 8600 only work in my old computer. then I got a brand new graphics card from work, which is a 250 GT 1 GB DDR3, plugged that in and nothing, what I noticed with the 9800 is taht when that is inside the processor LED and the Voltage regulator LED's turn on when the computer is turned off. unfortunately the 9800 is no longer with me. So Im thinking its either the processor or the motherboard, but the motherboard is new and they said that they tested it before they shipped it
    Anyone have any clue what would be going on with my machine.
    oh and my Solid State drive works fine. I put it in my old computer and installed vista on it no problems, and my harddrive works fine too,
    Im getting desperate in the past 2 weeks, have had to use a dinosaur of a computer.
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Any progress with this simeonov16? Is it possible to make this long story a bit more to the point?
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