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Jun 4, 2006
  1. I recently destroyed my Dell but I'm not going into that. So I bought a non-name brand motherboard from a local computer show. I have a freind that says he'll put together my computer after I get all the new parts, which I have minus the case. In the manual it says, I will quote, "This motherboard is designed in a Micro ATX form facter using a four-layer printed circuit board and measures 244 mm x 221mm." I was looking at new egg attmepting to figure out what kind of case I need to get New Egg ATX case selection . I found ATX micro cases, but wasn't sure if I needed a ATX micro desktop, minitower, or what case. Any help would be appreciated greatly, I miss my Half Life 2.
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    If you have a micoATX board then it will fit in any case that says it will support any standard size microATX board. Although a lot of times depending on what processor you are planning on using it would be a better idea to just get a full size case so that you have more air flow in there.
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    I agree about the airflow. You have basically 3 different size cases. Desktop, mid-tower and full size.

    As a rule the desktop will be the size of the Dell, typically with 2 external slots for 5.5" ROMS and 2 for 3.5" floppy's and/or fan controllers.

    A Mid tower will have 4 ROM bays and 2 floppy's.

    A full size/full tower will have 5 to 6 ROM slots and 2 floppies.

    The width and depth of all 3 will vary slightly, but the height will be the biggest difference. There will be differences in the amount of internal slots as well, so take that into consideration if you are planning something like a large raid array. A micro ATX form factor mainboard will fit into all three.

    For just general computing and no liquid cooling or anything exotic, I'd say get a mid tower that has front intake fan slots as well as rear exhaust. Current hardware generates more heat, and good room for airflow as well as using rounded cables is pretty much a must.

    The other thing worth mentioning is the power supply. With the exception of a few high end cases, most cases that come with power supplies, have PSU's that for the most part suck. Just get a plain case and buy a good power supply separate. Remember the power supply is the only component that has the capability of destroying every other component, so quality is a must. If you do decide to get a case with a power supply look at the PSU label (NewEgg to their credit usually shows a pic of the label) and make sure you have a minimum of 20 amps on the +12V rail.
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    Thanks guys from the help, trust me, I'm staying far away from liquid cooling. I tried those cooking-oil cooled PC's on my dell.. no more dell..
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    The micro size is more of a concern if you have a micro ATX case already. Then you need a micro ATX board to fit into it. The other way around is no problem. You have lots of choices because the micro board will fit micro and most mid tower and full tower cases. As Jimbo already said, check to see if the case says it supports micro ATX.
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    Cooking oil??? Hahaha.. Never heard of that one. You Sir, just made my day.. :D
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