Problem with Filost, Diallers and PC shutting down

By Cheeky80
Dec 17, 2005
  1. :p Hello,
    This is my first post! I came across this site when I was searching the Net for help. Hopefully I will find some here :blush:

    Basically When it comes to all this technical stuff I am pretty much a dimwit :rolleyes: and I tried to read some posts to figure out this problem on my own but its to no avail.....

    So here it goes and Thank you in advance for anyone who takes the time to read this and possibly helping a Sis' out!

    I have dial-up (because I am cheap) but then it started dialling an out of country number, so I contacted the service provider and they said I have a virus.... I ran Norton and it found a Dialler on my far it seems like it has been taken care of But I have that stupid Filost window popping up everytime I use the internet and now whenever I run Norton before it finishes scanning my computer shuts off!!!!

    Please help me!! I am good at following directions...I have d/l hijackthis and I will attempt to attach the log but I am not sure if I am even doing that correctly....
    Thanks, Cheeky :angel:

    ok so I tried to attch the kijack this log, it says that it is a txt. file but it will not let me upload... :knock: HELP
  2. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,002   +15

    what is the name of the dialer virus that your anti-virus reports?

    if it is newdotnet, then follow this solution:

    Go to Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel and remove newdotnet if present. If it is not there download this removal tool: and run it, following the directions on that page.

    In case your internet connect breaks download the LSP fix from here: and run it if necessary- launch the LSP application, and click the "I know what I'm doing" checkbox then click Finish.
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