Problem with Inspiron 15 Keyboard

By sreilly7
Sep 4, 2009
  1. While typing, the cursor jumps all over the page. Sometimes, it highlights rows of text and deletes it? Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Thank you.
  2. strategic

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    Hi there!
    Welcome to Techspot!
    How long have you had this notebook?
    Is it something that just started happening?
    This may sound stupid, but I have to ask... when typing, is your touchpad disabled?
    It sounds like as you're typing, the motion of your fingers over the touchpad may interfere and move your cursor around.
    It actually took a while for me to get used to when I first purchased my laptop.
  3. sreilly7

    sreilly7 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Keyboard Issue

    Hi, thanks for the response. I've had this notebook a week. But this also happened on another dell I had. I did turn off the touchpad on that machine but the problem persisted. If you have other thoughts to resolve this, I'd appreciate it.
  4. Dellnerd

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    Inspiron 15 keyboard is faulty

    You have to change the keyboard to fix it
    It has nothing to do with the touchpad.
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