Problem with Logitech Z2300

By macx
Jul 8, 2007
  1. Just a basic woofer/base unit (there's one jack from
    it that plugs into the sound card on the computer, and
    it's powered separately) plus 2 small speakers that plug
    into it.

    All of a sudden noticed the right channel quit -
    swapped left and right in the base unit and made
    sure it wasn't the right speaker itself.

    Both channels work on the headphones.

    Checked all the balance settings in the SoundMax,
    all set on equal.

    When I move the balance control to the right speaker
    in the Volume Control and the Wave (whatever that is)
    the left speaker quiets down but the right one doesn't

    Seems like it's something in that base unit?
    Anything I could spot if I can get inside it?

    Not very stereo knowledgeable.
    Appreciate any informed opinions/info/tips etc.

    (EDIT - Later) Ah HA! Tried the balance control on Media Player,
    the right side came back to life (!?) But both sides played in the
    headphones before, so ??

    Well, thanks for looking, anyway. We'll see if anything happens again.
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