problem with mobo in dell gx520 SFF

By donjo13
Jul 12, 2007
  1. I bought a case and motherboard combo GX520 SFF. The unit was new. It has some scratches so it was rejected by Dell.

    Anyway, I hooked everything up, DVD,80GB Sata HD, 512 DDR2 Ram etc.... I put in a celeron D chip, 3.46Ghz, and the system wont go past the opening bios page that says Alert! System Halted. Incompatable processor.
    I bought the chip from newegg brand new. I thought maybe it would boot up with a smaller chip that I have in my sisters GX520 "that I built" a Celeron D 2.66Ghz chip. I know these work in the GX 520s. But still I get the same alert. What can I do? It starts with system setup in green letters, then the alert after right away. Anyone know what I can do?????
    I've tried removing jumpers and battery and disconnecting everything from the mobo but the memory and processor with heatsink same warning with either chip.
    My niece has a gx620 MT with a 3.33 Celeron D chip. It works fine and like I said my sisters is the same model 2.66GHz Celeron D I bought.
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  3. donjo13

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    Problem is I cant get past the alert screen to do anything to update the bios. Im stuck.....any ideas?
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    You have to use a version of the originally compatible cpu so that it will get past that point and then flash the bios, shut down, change cpu's etc.

    If you haven't got one or no buddy of yours has one either, call a couple shops and price that little effort.
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