Problem with my ATI Radeon not being recognized

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Mar 1, 2006
  1. I have a Dell Dimension 3000 2.8GB with 1GB RAM. I installed a PowerColor Radeon 9250 256MB PCI card a year ago. When I installed it, I had problems getting the computer to recognize the card, I called Dell and they had me type something in the command prompt and it worked. Today I just unplugged everything from the back of my computer and installed a new sound card and speakers. When I rebooted, the computer wouldn't recogize the Radeon card, just the onboard card. I tried disabling the onboard card and uninstalling it, but still nothing. I don't remember what command I typed the last time this happened and I don't have a valid warranty.

    Any ideas on how to get my computer to recognize the Radeon instead of the onboard? I went into BIOS to make sure that it was set to auto detect.


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    Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

    Isn't that Dell propietary? Meaning the MoBo is in pieces inside.
    If so you'll only be able to replace with a Dell MoBo.
    You could consider taking out everything and putting it in a
    generic case.
    This way your getting fresh Psu Case and MoBo.
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  5. SOcRatEs

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    Thats cool!
    I hope all goes well!!!!
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