Problem with Samsung Syncmaster 943nwx

By privatejava
Apr 8, 2010
  1. Hello I've purchased samsung syncmaster 943nwx LCD monitor and it worked for 1 year since I bought. but from yesterday I can see that my monitor doesn't display (but menu lights are on), it only shows black screen .If I made the monitor on for some minutes it automatically displays everything and works as normal .

    I'm really socked with these kinds of behavior from monitor. I've purchased in so more price but it worked for only one yr.. so boring.. Can any one say. what was the real problem.??
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  2. SESAME93

    SESAME93 TS Rookie

    Samsung 943nwx problem

    I also have a same sort of problem with my samsung 943nwx. All things are doing perfectly except the goes black.i you take a closer look it has a very low brightness.i'm not able to get it.someone please help me.
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