Problem with the display of my PC related to VGA

By sudhasha
Jan 27, 2009
  1. Hi everybody,
    actually my system has a problem of displaying the pictures with very low(4 bit)bit resolution.
    i will explain what i did before this problem.
    1.I downloaded an ISO image of the LINUX kernel.after that my system had got a problem of displaying with low bit resolution.I cant able to modify.
    2.I reinstalled the VGA driver then the colour display is fine but while scrolling and while seeing videos the video is flickering.I cant able to change the refresh frequency too.
    3.I thought some virus would have crashed my system and then reinstalled my OS "XP"..The problem persists.So i have a dilemma that is my system has a h/w or a s/w problem.i tried for vga drivers too ..i dint get any my motherboard is mercury
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