Problem with user names (accounts) in Windows XP Pro!!!!!!!!

By death
Dec 27, 2004
  1. Hi Guys;

    I have Windows XP Pro running on my computer. I have two user accounts on this windows. One is under "John" and other is under "Homer" (might seem funny, but this is for fun). I mostly use "John's" user account. When I go in 'C: Drive' and under 'Documents and Settings' I have both names (John and Homer), but all the files and things I saved under "John's" account are actually under "Homer's" account. I haven't used "Homer" account for couple of months now, so it doesn't have much saved on its Desktop; however, John's Desktop has lots of stuff saved on Desktop and in other folders. Why then all the stuff saved under "John's" account shows under "Homer's" account in Documents and Settings? :confused:

    :unch: Also, anybody know how to change the computer name in Windows XP. I have set my computer name on my name, but I want to change that to some other name for privacy................

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. J-D-Cronin

    J-D-Cronin TS Rookie

    Change Computer Name

    To change your computer name go to:

    "Right Click" My Computer/
    Then Click on Properties/
    Go to the tab Computer Name/
    And For a final step click on Change to change your computer name :)

    I hope that helps (This is my first time to post on this forum) :wave:
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