Problem with Windows XP crashing.....

By stephenr
Apr 3, 2007
  1. Hi,

    I recently posted a link regarding a problem with my laptop i'm still having the problem!! I did a re-install of windows (non-destructive so i wouldn't lose my date) but still having the same problems.

    I then tried to delete a programme and got an error message to suggest my pc was in safe mode or the windows installer might be missing???

    I took my laptop to PC world on the weekend and the guy ran a stress test on it and found it to be stable and couldn't identify any problems but as it was shutting down an error message came up saying something about dll. is missing (I have also seen this error message before). He said this error message is to do with something missing in windows and suggested I do a full system restore to eliminate the error. With this in mind i've tried to back up my data to DVD's but again received the error message not allowing me to. So i tried to copy all data to my 20gb mp3 player (it can hold docs etc) but windows isn't detecting it so I can't transfer to it!!

    Does anybody have any ideas on how I can backup my data?
    Also, if I try to re-install windows will I come up against any problem whereby the pc just give me a black screen with NO data like I sometimes get when I switch on??

    Sorry to have waffled on a bit, if you need any other info just ask

  2. stephenr

    stephenr TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I suppose just to mention, sometime when I turn the laptop on the screen in literally black / blank. I don't even see any info about the setup of the machine - it just hangs there for ever and I need to switch it off and try again......
  3. russ

    russ TS Rookie Posts: 39

    Being a laptop, you could be having a problem with the power supply not getting a good connection where it plugs into the computer. The battery therefore may not be charging correctly. I have had a laptop that showed that it was charging however when I checked the charge on the battery it wasn't charged.
    If you can get the computer to boot on a "live cd", like Knoppix or Puppy (an 80mb download) you could copy your windows files to a flash drive or a cd (in puppy's case). You can get some of these live cd's at a local magazine store for about $10 (the price of the magazine) or download if you have a fast connection.
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