Problems Accessing Folders on Slave Hard Drive

By Milky_Joe
Oct 23, 2005
  1. Hi, just finished building a new pc with a friend and now we are having problems accessing some of the folders on the Slave hard drive we added. It’s actually the old hard drive from his previous pc, we thought it would be easier and quicker to copy stuff across by adding it as a slave before reformatting it.

    Basically you can see and access most of the folders on the slave hard drive but there are 4 that we can’t, typically the ones where all the good stuff are kept, these being My Documents, Favourites, Desktop and Cookies. This drive has Windows XP Home Edition installed on it and it previously asked for a password at login, but we have disabled it (thought that this would solve our problem, but nothing is ever that easy :mad: ). When you try to access these folders you get an 'Access Denied' warning. Can anyone suggest what we are doing wrong or a way of getting around this with out have to copy everything to CD and transferring it? :(
  2. Rik

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    You have to gain admin rights to the files that you cant access. Maybe loggin on with his username and password will do it?
  3. patio

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