Problems finding a folder because folder options cannot be changed

By dmg86
Jun 10, 2009
  1. I have found a few tracking cookies in a folder in my C/Document and Settings but when I look in the folder that is within Document Settings it is not there. It is displayed only when avg finds it, since it is only a warning it will not put it in the virus vault. So I figured to change the properties in Document and Settings to normal. Basically I unchecked read - only and click apply to all folders and sub folders... I thought this would work but it didn't nothing changes and the read - only property never goes away, and I have applied normal settings a bunch of time... my main objective is to find a way to fix this without repairing windows, I was fooling around with regedit and trying to figure it out, but I don't know too much on this subject.

    Please help me.
  2. LookinAround

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    As for not being able to find folders...Windows loves to hide things. Sounds like your problem is that you're looking for a "hidden" file/folder. Also sounds like you're running XP? In Explorer, click Tools->Folder Options->View
    >> Check Show hidden files and folders
    >> Uncheck Hide protected operating system files

    Also note windows does this to make sure users don't inadvertently "shoot themselves in the foot" by removing an important windows file or folder. So be sure of what you're doing when you do it
  3. dmg86

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    You are truly the techspot guru, thanks a lot for the help it was just that I keep on getting the trojan virus even after repartioning my hard drive, and I am worrying that the hacker is using tracking cookies to find my computer over and over again, I have installed the recent version of avg and it keeps on coming but hacker is constantly putting the virus back up in at different file name for example, first it will be trojanvirus_abxc, then after that is put into the virus vault it is changed to trojanvirus_abjc or something like that... Is there anyway to stop this from repeatedly happen.

    Oh and I would like to learn more about this technical side of computers I know there is material on this website, but do you recommend any good websites or any good reading material for someone like me who is starting out.

    Thanks again for all your help I tend to over analyze things.
  4. LookinAround

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    Hi dmg86 :wave:

    I'm not certain of your particulars as to just exactly what AVG might be doing and finding on your computer but would say as regards:

    Tracking Cookies
    I wouldn't be overly worried about tracking cookies appearing (that's rather common to happen). They tend to be sort of "a cost of doing business" just as a result of visiting different websites Tracking cookies tend to left by the site (and their advertisers)

    Just run your daily updates and let AVG remove them. At the same time note there are different settings in different web browsers that can help prevent them in the first place. In any case, i wouldn't think they're the result of any malicious hacker

    Trojans you Report
    You might note the specific name and file path next time it happens. I don't know whether the case for you or not but i do know AVG (and others) can sometimes identify "false positives" so may be a real trojan. Maybe not. I find it helpful to see just what directory the file was found in sometimes to know if got installed by a download i trusted or not

    Learning more computer stuff

    Like everything else is just a matter of time and experience. Reading forums like TechSpot and simply surfing for information can produce lots of new and helpful information on any variety of technical/computer related issues. (For example you might try googling something like what is tracking cookie )

    Hope all the info above helps :)
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