Problems in XP Home and XP Pro.(CD File copy problem)

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Hi ?
I know my descriptive title is weird but I do not know how can I say my problem because my problem can be on hardware, os, or drive.
If I put wrong place, sorry.

I have Windows XP home Edition in my computer.
My school have Windows XP Professional.
I brought cd from my home to school to copy my personal file to That CD.
But I didn't format at home so, I formatted it and copy my personal file in School.
When I came back, I insert CD.....
1.5 min later, my computer didn't reconize CD but it want me to format.
I checked cd at school when I completed copy.

So, anyone knows how can I do:
Windows XP Professional file to XP Home edition ?

I need solutions or software that can reconize xp professional files in windows home edition.


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I don't understand what exactly you're trying to do.

Both XP home and professional should be able to load/read files made or created from either. i.e. word processing, photos, etc....

If you're copying the OS, it is not only illegal, but the code between XP home and professional is different although slight. In short, it won't work and you're ripping everyone off. Windows XP is only licensed for one computer only at a time.

If you're just creating CDs, the file format may be different or the encoding may be different.
check that...


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If you copy a file to CD using a packet writing software(INCD) try Easywrite Reader it is a free program from Nero .It allows any computer to read the disk.

It is easier to burn the CD with the burning software set to ISO level 1 this can be read by most computers.


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Thank you all who reply.

Thank you for all who reply my message.

I said it was personal files.
I am not copying OS.

And I figure out that my CD was somehow broken inside.
However, Thank you for advise.



Case closed...... :knock:
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