Problems installing new o/s and HDD to laptop

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Feb 10, 2005
  1. hello peeps! am a total newbie here but do have some basic knowledge of pc's etc. right here is my dilemma/problem. i bought a second hand laptop for a cheap price of a mate of mine its a toshiba satellite pro 430 CDT laptop,it only came with a 2 gig HDD with windows 95 installed,so i went out and bought a toshiba 40 gig HDD part number:-TOSHIBA HDD2190 40 gig DC+ 0.7A

    i have been told that my laptop will not be able to cope with a 40 gig hdd but i have been told that there are programs out there which i can use which will make it compatible with the laptop! well ive put the new HDD in the laptop and put in my windows 98 cd rom(ive also been told that cos the laptop is so old anything newer than 98 wont work) but the new HDD refuses to boot it(ive been into the bios and changed to boot from the cd rom) but still no luck! also before anyone asks i dont have a floppy drive be it internal or external! is there anyway i can get a copy of windows 98 onto this drive,which will then work on my laptop??? or do i have to just stick with a 2 gig harddrive on windows 95??? any help appreciated!
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    This might not work but I had problems with a hard drive and it wouldn't boot. I unpluged it then pluged it back in again and then it worked fine. Hope it works! puke:
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    You are probbly stuck ! becuse it sounds to me the motherboard on the laptop does not like the new hdd...It works with old hdd right???

    FATBOYZ TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes the old HDD works! ive put that back in for now!
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    See if there are any BIOS updates available.
    You could always try to put that new HD in a PC, using a 2.5"-3.5" adapter. Format it in FAT32, with 2 partitions.
    First partition about 10 GB, to be formatted with W98-format program from a W98SE-bootfloppy (from
    format c: /s /u. This will make it bootable in DOS. Set this partition Active in FDISK.
    The second partition (create extended partition, using all the space, then in there create logical partition, again using all the space) should be used to copy the whole W98-CD onto.
    Put the HD back in the laptop (if you can get the HD to work), and install the W98 from there.

    FATBOYZ TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes mate someone has told me about a cable and doing it through my normal pc! but to be honest i havent got a clue and i dont wanna be taking my pc apart cos i know for a fact i will fook it up!!! could anyone help me do this?? i would send the drive! all p+p paid for and send money for the cable and pay for your time! if anyone can help please!
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