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Mar 12, 2009
  1. I have a computer that got a virus. Now the issue is that when I click on the profile of the name i want to log in as, it starts to log in. Pops up the background image and then logs me off. I am on Windows XP. I can hook up a USB to Sata drive connection and run a virus scan on the hard drive. I found 6 files and deleted them. But I am still unable to get into the computer. I have tried Safe Mode and it does the same thing. Any idea on what else I could try to get into the computer?

    Thank you for any help.
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    If you can remebver what it was you got rid of (try to find a log file if you can), then research that virus name on the web, and often you will more details as to what the virus does, so you have a better chance of removing it properly. Unfortunately, it is almost certain that what you caught is one of those which can be removed from memory, but has means of hiding in strangly-named files or hooking into processes that start with windows, and so are executed every time you boot - reinfecting the system immediately.

    It can get even worse, infection of the MBR (master boot record), is quite possible, and that can be very hard to get rid of. You do not mention what anti-virus package claimed to clear it, but not many can do the full job. I can advise that you should check out the link here, get all those up-to-date on your USB and run them (and as many others as you can find). Hopefully one will do a better job.
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    Log in problems also

    I am sitting here at my ACER One computer and at my new old dell trying to find a solution to the problem of logging in. My less then 2 month old ACER does exactly what the previous blog asked about. I start windows and hit my user log in says it's loading and then the background picture flahes and then it tells me it is saving the settings and logs back off. Even in safe mode and any other mode it does this. Suggestions say to do this and do that , but none of this can you do until you can get to the desk top. How do you get to the desktop if you can't log in?
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    Read post number 16 in this which offers a solution that works for some people - it seems userinit.exe is corrupt or deleted etc.. It may be enough to replace it from a drive image if you have one. If you havn't, it is high time to find out how much pain such a thing can save you!
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    Trying something else

    Okay this is what I am doing..I started windows and pressed the ALT and F10 key put the computer in a recovery mode but let me know files will be's doing it now and it just said it was finished / restart computer ..let me see what happens..hold on........

    it is wanting to set up the computer...

    setting time zone reading agreement

    setting up users found new hardware screen is up

    I think it's like new again..still setting up...only problem is trying to get connected to the internet again is going to be a hassle..but I'll get there..I'll try to report back later when it's all finished and I am online again..
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    The anti-virus software that I used was Malwarebytes. I have used this on multiple computers to get rid of viruses. This is someone elses computer and he stated that he got Antispyware 2009. Malwarebytes does a good job cleaning up this virus, but it works better when you actually load the software on the computer and then run it. I will try and look at some files in the log and see what I can do and maybe remove some of the other files Antispyware 2009 has out there.
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