Problems with ABIT SG-72

By Lady Morgane
Jan 14, 2006
  1. Hi there.
    During 4 or 5 days I'm working with a PCU. It has an ABIT SG-72 MOTHER, all onboard, with 1 stick DDR 256, HDD Western Digital 40 GB, CD Writer and DVD reproducer.
    I installed the Windows XP SP 2 5 times!... but every time I restart the computer, it take a lot of time to pass all the tests. Once it passed, It stop for a long time in the messege: Verifying DMI Pool DAta...... , but the next step "updated success" never shows.
    No matter what, it allways ask for the System cause it cant find it.
    If I boot the computer with the xp bootable CD, it enters in the OS normally, I can work everything is working. But its a problem.
    I change the DDR between the banks but nothing happen.,
    PLEASE... PLEASE... can you help me?
    Thank you a lot.
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