PRoblems with Graphics i think

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May 12, 2007
  1. K i play World of Warcraft. I usually play on my bro's pc, but lately i was given an older pc. I though it was ok to run WoW on. PRetty low specs on it,but then again WoW doesnt require much. only thing that i think is wrong with it is the Graphics. when i start Wow up and go to the loading screen it starts flashing and making wierd shapes and colors. Ill try to get a pic and upload it, but from what I described, can u tell me whats wrong.
  2. justone

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    Before you install the wow theres a required specs, check the requirements of the WOW if it is compatible with the video card.
  3. Chappu

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    I checked the specs and they are all higher than the recconmmended. Do you think this could be a problem with my monitor? it is kinda old, but im not sure if this is somthing caused by a monitor, what do u think?
  4. Xylander

    Xylander TS Rookie

    Make sure the monitor is set to settings it can display. Example: Make sure the refresh rate is good. I use 75 hertz. Some monitors can't display more than 60 or 65 though. So try lowering the refresh.

    Also, I'd uninstall the drivers for the video card then reinstall. It could either be an out of sync issue with the monitor itself, or more than likely, a corrupted driver.
  5. Chappu

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    Thats what i dont understand, where do i go to unistall the drivers. Then even to update them, i dont know which ones i use.
  6. Xylander

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    Ok. I'll break it down nice and simple to make it smooth for ya.

    First, go to the website for yuor video card. or more than likely. Download the newest driver for your card and put it on your desktop and save it for later in the process.

    Second, go to start>>settings>>control panel>>System>>Device Manager. On the left side of the device manager, find display adapters and expand that menu. Right click on your video card there and pick properties. When that window appears, choose the driver tab. Next, choose to uninstall or remove the driver.

    After you do that, the PC will ask you to reboot. Go ahead and do that. When the PC comes back on, you'll get the found new hardware wizard. CANCEL that because you have the new driver on your desktop and don't want windows booting an old driver you may or may not have in the OS.

    So just cancel that wizard. Now, just double click the driver file on your desktop. That should load the new driver nice and easy for you. Now, sometimes, if you have a badly corrupted driver, you may need to load the new driver in safe mode. If this is the case, just follow all the steps as above, but boot into safe mode before loading the driver in the last step. That will ensure you get a clean install.

    Hope this helps.
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