problems with Intel Celeron 1.4 Ghz

By nazareth
Mar 28, 2003
  1. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    PC 1

    HP Pavilion
    celeron 1.4 GHz
    384 MB RAM
    Geforce 4 MX440 64MB

    PC 2

    HP Pavilion
    celeron 533 MHz
    384 MB RAM
    Geforce 4 MX440 64MB

    Hi, I have just bought a 1.4 Ghz processor and have installed it on PC1, but since the installation i have noticed that all my games run slower on PC1 than they do on PC2 and since I have upgraded from 533 Mhz it use to run faster than it does now with the 1.4 Ghz. If anyone can give me any solutions it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,274

    Is it the same OS on both machines ? & which one BTW ?

    The 1.4GHZ Celeron has a 100mhz FSB so I hope you're using at least PC100 memory with it. My brother ordered a Compaq similar to your PC1 machine ( it's a shame to buy a Compaq I know ;) ) & it came with slow PC100 CAS3.:dead:

    I mean surely they could have gotten better memory for it, especially for the price he paid.

    Have you installed the Intel Application Accelerator ( IAA ) ?

    Celerons don't overheat much but you might still want to check to see if your case has enough ventilation.
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