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Problems with memory and ECS KV2 Extreme

By Norbreck21a
Mar 27, 2009
  1. Hi newbie here,

    Wonder if someone could offer some advice on problems I am experiencing with my ECS KV2 Extreme Motherboard.

    I've been running my PC with 4 x 512mb of DDR400 memory sticks in for a while now. In an attempt to free up some memory slots to put more ram in, I've just purchased 2x Micron DDR400 1gb DDR Sticks (dual sided).
    Ever since I have put these in the PC is very unstable.
    According to the Micron Website (and CPUID) the memory has timings of 3-3-3-8 @ 2.5V. (please bear in mind that I don't understand these timing things, this is just the information I have found).:eek:

    My bios was set to handle the memory timings by default (i.e.auto) with a CAS latency timing reported of 2.5. and the others at 2, 2 and 11 (i.e. 2.5-2-2-11) I've set it to manual and enter the above figures, but it's still unstable and keeps crashing. I also can't set the voltage to 2.5V as per the micron website. the lowest I have is 2.55V and the highest 2.7v (in 0.5v increments)

    I've also noticed that if I install the ram into slots 1 & 2 (nearest the processor), which I beleive is dual channel memory mode, then it seems to crash a lot more than if I put one in slot 1 (nearest the CPU) and 1 in slot 3 (which I believe is single channel mode).

    Although more stable in this mode, it does still crash and my 128mb ATI Radeon 8x agp graphics card only reports 64mb of memory installed, where as when I'm running in dual channel mode, all 128mb are reported ? Why is this ?

    I've tried the memory in another PC witted with another manufacturers board in (still socket 939) and it works perfectly for hours without a single crash so I don't think it's bad memory
    I know there are potentially a number of things that could cause this probelm, but do you think it's memory related (with the old memory installed the crashes dissappear).

    I'm still running the original Bios that was shipped with the board last year, do you think a bios update would help ?

    Sorry if this all appears gobbledegook, but I don't really understand these timing things on memory.

    Oh yes, nearly forgot, my PC spec
    ECS KV2 Extreme M/B
    Athlon X2 4200+ (barton core socket 939)
    Western Digital 250gb PATA boot drive
    Western Digital 500gb SATA storage drive
    Pioneer DVR-110 Burner
    ATI Radeon 128mb AGPx8 GPU

    I'm not overclocking anything, the bios is set to run standard settings, and there is plenty of cooling with CPU temps never exceeding 46°C

    Any help (in laymans terms very much appreciated).
  2. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,103   +420

    Try installing one of the new RAM modules at a time. One then the other. Maybe one is defective or maybe they are just not compatible with your motherboard.
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