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Problems with my X1800XT :( :( :(

By Vinnythel33tzor ยท 4 replies
Feb 7, 2006
  1. Hi
    I recently purchased an x1800xt from a website called overclockers.uk, a well known website that sells all sorts of pc stuff, when it came me and my dad install it into my computer and i decided to reformat ( i think this is the prob)

    my spec is AMD Athlon 64 Proccessor 3000+ 1.81 GHz and 1 GIg RAM

    and of course the x1800xt

    i downloaded the latest drivers off ati.com, but the card seems to be under achieving greatly :(, when i start up my computer the motherboard picture is all crazy i have a nvidia lan party mobo and it also literally takes about 2-3 times for it to load windows, i currently am on windows XP pro and i have service pack 2 running,

    im a big cod 2 fan and even when i run it at low gfx i get frame lag, and i taught that when i spent over 500 euro on a card that i might be able to at least play it at medium graphics but it seems to be under achieving, i have checked its not overheating.. i no my proccessar is bottlenecking it but it should still be doing better than it is, the monitor also flickers when i turn it on and stuff and i really feel that im not getting my value for money here, any ideas would be really helpful .. i was thinking it might be down to the drivers for the mobo ? or the fact that when i got the card i put it into the mobo which wasnt used for a while stuck in my ram and ran windows on it straight away, any suggestions would be really helpful thanks

  2. Krillk

    Krillk TS Rookie Posts: 18

    sounds a lot like WIN XP is useing the basic grafics driver on the computer.. so use a system check program and check up on it.. then ask the site you bought it from.. you should have a 2 year warrenty at the least..
  3. Vinnythel33tzor

    Vinnythel33tzor TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I dont think it was a problem with them, i think its a problem on my side :( btw ill do that check thanks any suggestions on a system checker i should download?
  4. Krillk

    Krillk TS Rookie Posts: 18

    try LAVALYS Everest... its free and it does the trick.. even suggests sites to download drivers from.. if it IS a fault on youre side then check again if the card is sufficiently inside the socket.. ive tried repairs a couple of times when the Graphic card simply wasnt deep enough, inserted..

    then try uninstalling everything.. fomateing youre harddrive(s) if possible..

    then just as a reminder. you did remember to completely uninstall youre previus card right?
  5. Vinnythel33tzor

    Vinnythel33tzor TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ya what i did was when i got it i started over, put the card in and the ram and stuff and installed windows there and then.. so there was no drivers before hand you see.
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