Problems with P4M900M2-L

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Aug 14, 2008
  1. Basically part of the mobo broke off (ram slot clip), and I managed to slide it back in. However, my RAM stick didn't work and I got no video. I replaced the ram and now it works - but when started it will now beep 7 times, the sound coming from the motherboard speaker. It sometimes does this after freezing up. Is very any way of knowing what the beeping means? thanks.
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    does the motherboard give out the same beeps as the case speaker? My case speaker is connected. I start it up, it beeps at me 7 times, then the case speaker beeps at me after detecting the RAM.
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    Your motherboard is beeping through your case speaker, so yes they are the same. It sounds like your motherboard suffered some trauma. What did you do?
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    Well, I was carrying it back to where it should be - I was as careful as I could be - after fitting a new cooler. I booted it up and got no signal, and it turned out the ram slot clip had come off and the ram was hanging out halfway. Anyway, it works now with a dead slot.

    With the speaker, my motherboard has an onboard buzzer and a case speaker, and the sound is coming from the onboard buzzer.
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    I can't edit my post for some reason.

    anyway, it's now trying to tell me that the video system has failed, all the hardware passed the test, and the bios checksum does not match expected rom or something. Maybe a bios problem?
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