Problems with video in Windows ME registration from an HP OEM Sytem Recovery

Jan 26, 2005
  1. I need to be able to register my Windows ME operating system from an HP OEM Recovery. The OEM recovery requires that I have the original hardware on my computer.

    I think this is because the video needs to be set at 800X600 pixels. The recovery set my video to 640X480 resolution. This is causing the middle of the page to be blocked out. So I cannot approve the agreement to continue on to post the license number.

    The present video card is a SIS video card. The video installed with the HP Pavilion Computer was a NVDIA video card.

    Another question in regards to this problem. If I have the Windows ME installed in my computer, could I upgrade to XP using an XP upgrade package or do I need to purchase a full blown copy of XP? Also, does the XP upgrade package have a bootable CD?

    Thank your for your assistance. I will also post the HP Pavilion model on a later post.

    The model number for HP Pavilian is XL847.

    PROFCHAOS TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, I solved the problem by replacing the SIS video card with an old NVDIA card purchased from Tiger Direct. It turned out to be an $18.00 fix. I suppose I will stick with the HP OEM Windows ME recovery installation for now since all is working fine at the moment. YA ME
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