problems with win 98 bootup

By mrhessy
Jan 31, 2006
  1. Hell folks, my freind has a problem with his comp, its win98, apparantly his wife turned off the computer without first of all shutting down, now when his comp starts up it goes to the blue screen where it checks for drive errors but stops at 15%, the whole thing just freezes, can anybody help please!!!????
  2. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    Sounds ike the improper shutdown caused serious file corruption. although more than likely thee were allready problems and the shutdown just finished it off.

    there are not alot of options with win 98 I would suggest your firend just do a format and reintstall of windows.
  3. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    whoa, there, iss.... not yet..

    hello mrhessy... can you boot safe mode or use the dos boot disk and use the scandisk

    the command [best idea if you write it down] is:
    scandisk /all /autofix

    If they works, you are back on win 98, back up the important files and go back to normal life :)
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