problems with XP and Internet explorer

By Nuker90224
Jul 3, 2007
  1. Hey everyone, I'm new to this board and any help would be appreciated. My problem started about a week ago. My computer was running fine and someone downloaded a virus for me :) lol anyway i believe the virus was fontra.c. It made my computer very slow and I think it got into my antivirus software because now the anto-protect feature doesn't work. I did scan with norton anti-virus 2004(up to date), and the problem didn't go away so I downloaded Avira antivir, AVG and also used the PandaScan. I also used Spybot. My computer was running alot better itself but Internet Explorer was really slow so I downloaded a registry cleaner and cleaned my registry but IE is still really slow and freezes. I have downloaded Hijackthis but I can't exactly decipher it lol. If anyone has any comments or any programs that are goot and I havent tried please let me know. Oh yeah I also scanned & cleaned with BitDefender.
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    What brand and model of computer do you have. Age? What is the verions of windows that you have... a Recovery disc from the manufacturer, an OEM verison of Windows XP, or a full version? Do you connect with a modem, DSL, Satellite, or high speed cable service?
    I would first run your antispyware and antivirus stuff one more time, then immediately run it all again in safe mode.
    Then shut down, and reboot to your Windows disc to see if it will run R for Repair upon a cold boot. That will usually fix most of the Windows errors.
  3. Nuker90224

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    Sorry I should have included that info! lol Its a gateway 505gr. P4 3.0 HT, 1024 mb ddr ram, 200GB 7200 rpm HD, ATI raedon X700pro 256 mb vid card. I have 3mb down dsl. I have the OEM version of windows XP that came with my comp. Im trying to keep from resintalling windows and losing some info. I actually ran all of the anti viruses & anti spyware programs at least 5 times each and ran all of them in safe mode 2 times after a reboot. I have been very thorough with what I know to do. I just ran Spybot & Nortons again and it was clean.
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