processor problems

By outlawicecube
Jul 26, 2007
  1. i having problem with my computer i try to clean the heat sink but when i try to put everything together it wouldent work the like of the power turn on also the activity light turns on the cd drive turns on but the keyboard,mouse, and the monitor dont so i dont know i think a few of the pins of the processor bended but i go the straight again what could it be do i need a new processor or what is wrong with my computer
  2. Tedster

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    Please read the guides before posting common questions.

    IF you bent or broke pins, you're F*ked. If the pins are bent, use a mechanical pencil without the lead to try and straighten the pins. Ensure you clean your CPU thoroughly with electronics solvent and place thermal grease back on before reattaching the heat sink. Applying too much pressure when putting the coolor back can can and will break the die.

    In general if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Use canned air to clean your motherboard. Don't disassemble unless necessary.
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    I Have run CPU'S with MISSING pins. Apparantly some of them do nothing, but I know on the other hand, some pins are vital. Yeah, try someone elses cpu before you buy one. GOOd Luck.
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    ok is it necessary to have some thermal grease on the back of the processor because mine has almost non also where can i find the problem code thru the light or the sound because my old computer is a compaq.. yeah i fix the pins on the processor and there all straight and i guess its working because i touch it and it got really hot..
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