Profanity, Poor Conduct and General Instability

By Phantasm66
Jun 14, 2003
  1. Please be advised that we don't take well to poor behaviour on the forums. Also, there is a good community on the IRC Channel, #3dspotlight on starchat, and The TS community would appreciate it if you behaved yourself on that too.

    Excessive swearing, poor behaviour, sexual swear words and imagery, or a general lack of gentlemanly behaviour will lead to you being disliked around here. A little more is tolerated on the IRC channel as it is not officially a part of TS, but I am asking you as a personal favour to try to behave yourself there too.

    The point on the forums is to behave yourself, act maturely and sensibly, and contribute to an intelligent and interesting computing community. You will have noticed that there are some people here who know a lot of really interesting stuff. Try to be a part of that, and work with it and not against it please.

    Also, I and several others have the ability to delete as much as we want from the forums, and any displays of poor behaviour or even annoying time-wasting will be deleted from the forums without mercy. I don't think twice about deleting something when I find it annoying, so please don't waste your time typing something that will hardly get a chance to be read by anyone other than a moderator when they delete it.

    Also, if you are weird, please don't bother. Whilst you may find many geeks here, and me a King of them ;) - no one takes kindly to basket cases. If you are weird then please stay away because no one wants to tolerate that here at all.

    Post well, kindly, maturely and sensibly and we shall all get on well. Its not hard.
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